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MySQL workbench data base fetching error

Assalamu Allaikum

I don’t know how it started, but it happened after the upgrade of MySQL server in windows that the MySQL workbench does not loads the tables, views and procedures in a database instead keep on displaying the work “fetching” against the database name when clicked in SQL Editor->Object Browser.

After much installing and un installing the MySQL workbench, and upgrading constantly, I realized that the problem is from outside the workbench.

Well the solution is quite simple.

open the MySQL workbench (5.2.40) and from the top menu select Plugins then select “Start Shell for MySQL Utilities”


It will open up a command prompt window

now type in this window

mysql_upgrade –u username –p

replace the username with your mysl username


It will prompt for password, enter your mysql password and let it work for a while.

This is upgrade all of your databases and schemas to match the required settings of upgraded mysql server and also resolve the never ending “fetching” BUG in MySQL workbench.


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