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Star A3000 Andoird Phone, stock rom modified

Star A 3000, a Chinese smartphone based on MTK6516 running Android 2.2 was a good phone. But soon crashed because of low built quality.

However, during my play time with it, this phone caused me a lot of problem and having no recovery or a Recovery complete in Chinese took a lot of time to determine which options leads to which path.

To summarize it, I had brick my phone and had to look for system.img from the net, unpacked it using ubuntu tools available, and repacked it in a standard file then moved it to my phone and recovered the phone 3-4 times before it dying of loose battery and falling around.

For those who still have that phone running, I am uploading the file for recovery to stock rom.

In fact I have compiled 2 files one is the stock rom, and another one has the latest (as of Dec 2011) versions of apps included and some stock apps replaced for some other good onces.

find them @

for some time, this folder maybe empty, but be patient, I am syncing my files.


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