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Farmer’s Cow Story

Dan, a yuppy decides to go out for a walk in the country one morning. As he is strolling down the sunny country road, he comes across a farmer, tending to his two cows.

“Good morning, farmer,” says the yuppy.

“Morning to you, sir,” replies the farmer. And he pauses, and waits.

Dan thinks that probably just ending it there isn’t enough. Struggling for some small talk, he says, “Those are some fine cows you have there.”

“Oh, yes, the white cow is a lovely cow, she is,” says the farmer.

“And the black cow?”

“Well,” the farmer pauses, “yes, I suppose the black cow is good too.”

“Yes, they certainly look fit and healthy,” says Dan.

“Indeed, the white cow is the healthiest I’ve ever had! Never needed the vet, full of life!” responds the farmer.

“And the black cow?”

“Well,… yes, the black cow is pretty healthy too.”

“So I suppose they give a lot of milk then?”

The farmer beams. “You should see the white cow, come milking time, she’s full to bursting with the creamiest milk, she is. Oh yes indeed, the white cow gives a lot of milk she does.”

“And the black cow?”

“Oh, well, yes… I suppose the black cow gives a lot of milk too.”

Dan doesn’t really know where to go with this. The farmer seems to really have something special for the white cow, even though the black cow seems just as good.

“You know, farmer, I don’t mean to intrude, but it seems every time I ask you really favor the white cow….”

“Well, isn’t it obvious?” asks the farmer, “The white cow is MY cow!”

“Ah, I see. And the black cow?”

“Well, yeah, the black cow is mine, too.”

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