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Joke: Value of Aroma

Derrick ran a small laundry shop but business was not good. His shop was next to the upscale 5-Spice Restaurant. Derrick’s wife, Martha, would pack his lunch box with simple food that they could afford.

Everyday during lunch time, Derrick would sit in the garden in the back of his shop and eat his lunch. He would enjoy the tantalizing aroma that came from the restaurant next door. The restaurant’s owner Mr. Anderson, would often notice Derrick having his lunch in his garden.

One day, Derrick received a bill from the 5-Spice restaurant. Derrick went to see Mr. Anderson to find out what the bill was for. He was told that the bill had been forwarded as Derrick was enjoying food of the restaurant and was therefore liable to pay for it.

When Derrick refused to comply to such a ridiculous demand, the matter went to Court.

The judge asked the restaurant owner to explain himself.

Mr. Anderson said, “This man who owns a small store next to my restaurant, has his lunch near my kitchen every day. He can be clearly seen smelling our food while eating his. Our rich food is giving value addition to the ordinary food that he eats, and we deserve to be compensated for it.

The judge then asked Derrick to explain himself.

Derrick remained quiet and put his hands in his pocket and played with the coins inside making rattling sounds.

The judge asked, “What are you doing?”

Derrick replied, “I am paying Mr. Anderson for the aroma of his food with the sound of my coins.”