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Airplane Sweeper

Derrick was an airplane cleaner and he always had one desire – to fly an airplane himself. So, one morning he arrives at work early and while cleaning, finds a book in the cockpit titled “Guide to fly an airplane for Dummies Part 1”.

He opens the book and starts reading, “First press the green button on right to start the engine.”

He does that and the engine starts. He turns to Page 2 and it reads, “Press brown button to start airplane moving on runway.”

He does that and the airplane starts moving ahead and catches speed. He goes to Page 3 and it reads, “Press the red button to take off the airplane in the air.”

He does that and the airplane is flying. He starts turning the pilot’s joystick and the airplane begins circling, going up and down and Derrick is having the time of his life! He then decides to land the airplane before anyone finds out what he has been up to.

He turns to the next page and finds the following printed in bold:
“To land the plane successfully go to the nearby book store and buy Part 2 of Guide to fly an airplane for Dummies.”

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